Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok mom or Aunt Erika, I can't figure out how to put my link to twitpic on my profile, you are both on the account can one of you guys do it for me please :)
Well I'm sorry it's taken me so long to blog once again. Now that I am in the twitter world, blogging doesn't seem like a big deal. Yet it is, since not everyone has twitter huh.

Anyways...Not a whole lot to blog about. Jonathan passed his boards and is working at St. Elizabeth's full time. He is still working at Bethany Garden's but per diem. Lynn is doing good. She is no longer in day care, and I am home with her full time. I only work every other weekend now, haven't had the time to pick up extra hours. But now that Jonathan is per diem at his other job, he only works 3 days a week (12 hour shifts), so hopefully I will be able to get some more hours.

Not a whole lot is new these days. Lynn is getting huge. She has learned to count to 10 by herself, she sings and dances all the time. She loves to sing the ABC's, even though she hasn't conquered that one yet. She has become a big Dora fan these days. Yet we still watch a lot of the other stuff too. She also really likes the Lion King. She is becoming more idepented everyday. We haven't been going out a lot lately. My car is broke (the damn brakes), but hopefully Jonathan and his father will get that fixed soon. We bought a new black hyundia elantra. Jonathan's old car is also having some problems, and I only really drive it if I have to. So we only have one car really. So me and Lynn stay in a lot.

Well that's about it. I will try my best to do a least one post a week.

For some reason I am having a really hard time getting the pictures to upload onto blogger. So for now you can few pictures of Lynn on my twitpic wesite.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

For all of you that are not in the twitter world (I swore I wouldn't do it, and yet I have found myself slowing getting addicted), I have posted all of our pictures from our trip to California. They are all on photobucket (pages 1-9 I think), the link is on this page on the right (who didn't already know). I know, I know, there is a lot of Lynn but come on how cute is she!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sand and Water what else do we need?

Well I know I have yet to upload all the pictures from California, but here is one of Lynn playing with the pretty much awesome sand and water table. She just loves it. She likes mixing the sand in the water the most lol. We played with it for quite a few hours the other day, and then another 30 minutes today (in the pouring rain I might add) until I made her go in the house.

Things are alright here. Still trying to get things calm after our vacation. My parents were in town this past weekend for an .38 Special, Styx, and REO concert on the 4th. We had a blast.

Lynn has been having some trouble going to sleep these days. We cannot get her to fall asleep in her own room. She had a few night terrors the last couple weeks, but those have seem to go away and now we just can't get her to go to bed. Long nights for us!

Besides that things are good. I gotta run and make some supper for Lynn and I. Soon to come pictures of California!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is Lynn at the park. Normally we spend most of our day at the park in the sandbox or playing on the slide. Yesterday was different, there was a dog there and Lynn followed it wherever it went. I can't wait till we can get a place where we can get a puppy, because she just loves them. She plays with Tango and Cha-Cha a lot when we are up at the Mizgala's. She likes to pretend to be a dog sometimes to, she likes to bark and pant just like the dogs lol.

Things are going good here. Just work work work and more work. Getting it all in before we leave. Only a few more days and we will be off. I am getting excited more and more as each day passes.

Well love you all!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today Lynn had a doctors appointment with a respiratory specialist. He said that it is still to early to diagnose Asthma but she is showing the signs and symptoms of it. He gave a prescription for singular. She has to take that once a day. Then when she is getting a cold or has a persistent cough to put her back on the nebulizer. He also gave a prescription for something for that.
Things have been kind of hectic around here. Jonathan and I have both been working a lot these days. Both trying to get in as many hours as possible before our trip. Lynn has been quiet a brat these days. Pretty much doing everything we tell her not to. She is starting to climb out of her crib and onto the changing table. We are going to convert it into a toddler bed, as soon as we get a gate to put up. We bought one but of course it didn’t fit.
Jonathan got a job at St. Elizabeth’s where he went to school. It’s a full time job working 12 hour shifts which is great. I am not sure if he plans on starting before or after the trip. He is still practicing everyday for his boards.
I am doing well also. I went to the doctors a few days ago, I have been getting pretty terrible headaches. He said that they sound like migraines. He gave me a prescription for some pain meds that worked last year when I was getting them bad. Also told me that if the headaches don’t go away to go back, and they will take another head ct. (I got one last year when it first started happening, nothing was wrong though.)
Lynn has strayed away from Elmo quiet a bit these days. She is more into Blue’s Clues (but pretty much only the new ones where Blue actually talks.)
Well that’s it for now, just wanted to give a quick update while I have more then 10 minutes to use the computer without Lynn getting mad :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So I know it’s been a long time since my last blog.  We haven’t had a computer in a while so I haven’t had the time to get online and post an actual blog.

Lynn first of course :)  She is doing great she had her 2 year check-up yesterday and the doctor said she looks great.  She got some blood work done and Jon took her since I was working and he told me that she did awesome through the whole thing.  Her treat was MC since we can’t drive past one without yelling in the backseat.  We went to MI this past week and she was once again awesome.  She warmed up to my dad right away.  She just loves him (I think because they both like toys and cartoons :)  We spent  a lot of the time laughing and just having fun.  When she is at home no so much laughing and having fun.  She is very much into her terrible twos already and has been for a few months now.  But besides that all has been good with her.

Jon finished his RN program with flying colors.  He is not officially an RN yet.  He has a 6-12 month (I’m not sure which) grace period where he can practice as an RN until he takes his boards.  Right now he is working at Bethany Gardens (where he used to work in the kitchen) as an RN.  He has an interview set up at St. Elizabeth's where he went to school on Monday for a full time job.  He plans on taking his test at the end of July beginning of August.   That way he has plenty of time to study.

I have stopped working at Stonehedge in the kitchen.  I am now working part time at Upstate Cerebral Palsy.  I am only scheduled for 16 hours every 2 weeks, but am getting just as many hours as I did at Stonehedge.  It is a very hard, yet very easy job.  It all really depends on the day.  Some days I spend going to the arcade or riding go-carts having a blast, others I spend getting spit at and hit.  But you know, I absolutely love it.  Whether it be a bad day or a good day if I make a girl smile who normally never smiles, smile,  it’s a great day. 

I want to say thank you to Grandpa for the beyond awesome present to Lynn.  I will call you this weekend, that way I can do my best to get Lynn to tell you thank you!!  I want to thank my parents, my sister, the boys, and Aunt Erika and of course the amazing Jackson, for a great trip out to Michigan.  We all had a ton of fun playing games with you.  I am pretty sure not to make anyone jealous or anything, but I am pretty sure that Lynn said Jackson on the car ride home. 

We are very much looking forward to our trip out to Cali in a few weeks.  I am sure we are going to have lots and lots of fun.

See everyone soon.

Love you all.

Did I mention on this awesome computer we got from my mom for Jonathan’s graduation I don’t even have to be on the web to write this blog.  I just click on a icon on the top of the main desktop and I am on some kind of windows live writer and it sends it to my blog.  I don’t know if you all have it, but I was pretty excited :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tons of pictures!!!!

I will try to post an actual blog either tonight or tomorrow. Here are some pictures over the last couple months. We didn't have a computer for a long time, both had broken. But we are now back so you should be getting them more frequently. I also posted a couple new vidoes on youtube!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry for no pictures. Everytime I try upload pics the computer freezes on me :( Working on getting a desktop.

Anyways....I know I know it's been forever since my last post.

So lets start at the most important...Lynn. Well she is a very sick baby right now. My spelling on some of these may be wrong...she has asama, very small case of phemunia, she is having a allergic reaction to what they thought was the amoxicillian she was on for her ear infection a couple weeks ago, but they no longer think that. Last Wed. daycare called me telling me that Lynn had been pulling at her ears and her left side of her face was starting to get red. Since I was at work, and Jon was at school, I asked if she was ok there until I got out, I have no car at the moment (we will get to that in a bit). They said yes, they just wanted to let me know. Well about 4 hours later they called to tell me Lynn was even more uncomfortable, and they thought we should pick her up as soon as possible and take her to the doctors. Jon picked me up a little after that, and we got her. When we got there both sides of her face where bright red, and the left side had welts on it. She was scratchy and not a very happy camper. So urgent care we went (our doc is useless). Once we got there I noticed that her upper back and shoulders in front were also covered in welts. We see the doctor and he said he thought she was having a allergic reaction to the medicine. He could not be for sure, since many things could cause this. He gave a prescription for Zyrtec for the scratching, and said that if it wasn't better by Friday to call her doctor (who once again is useless). So Thursday she was doing alright and seemed to be doing better. Friday I woke up to go into work and went into the room to get Lynn ready, and to my surprise her whole stomach, legs, face, and back were once again COVERED in hives. So to the ER we went. We got there around 6 and left around 1. They did the whole blood thing, iv meds, urine, x-ray (she had been whezzing), and all the other routine tests. After all that they said that she has asama (but her doc said today it's a little to early to tell), slight case of phenmiona, a reaction to something, and now we learned that she also has a fungal invection down on her girlie area. So lets just say that the last week hasn't been a lot of fun :(

On other news, my car is in the shop and has been for almost 3 weeks now. That's a pretty long boring story so we go get into that to much. Let's just say I had Jon's dad go to the shop and straighten things out and my car will be fixed by Tues. or Wed.

Work has been hell like always. It seems like I am always working. And when I'm not working, I am playing with baby, cleaning the house, or doing something. It seems like I don't ever get some down time :(

But ugh besides that things are just about the same. Everyone is doing alright. For having a baby with so many medical issues, she still manages to bounce off the walls, and act like a crazy. She gets cranky from time to time, but most of the time she is just her happy little self. Watching Elmo and Blues Clues (her new favorite).

Well that's all for now, just wanted to update real quick.

Love you guys!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well here are the few pictures from my parents trip out here. My camera died so we didn't get many.
Anyways, my interview went well yesterday. I also had one this morning at 10 and I am pretty sure it went very good, but who knows. She told me that it would take up to 2 weeks to hear back from them, so if I don't write anything about it for a while, that's why. I am really hoping to get this job.
That's about all the news I have for you now. Love you!