Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry for no pictures. Everytime I try upload pics the computer freezes on me :( Working on getting a desktop.

Anyways....I know I know it's been forever since my last post.

So lets start at the most important...Lynn. Well she is a very sick baby right now. My spelling on some of these may be wrong...she has asama, very small case of phemunia, she is having a allergic reaction to what they thought was the amoxicillian she was on for her ear infection a couple weeks ago, but they no longer think that. Last Wed. daycare called me telling me that Lynn had been pulling at her ears and her left side of her face was starting to get red. Since I was at work, and Jon was at school, I asked if she was ok there until I got out, I have no car at the moment (we will get to that in a bit). They said yes, they just wanted to let me know. Well about 4 hours later they called to tell me Lynn was even more uncomfortable, and they thought we should pick her up as soon as possible and take her to the doctors. Jon picked me up a little after that, and we got her. When we got there both sides of her face where bright red, and the left side had welts on it. She was scratchy and not a very happy camper. So urgent care we went (our doc is useless). Once we got there I noticed that her upper back and shoulders in front were also covered in welts. We see the doctor and he said he thought she was having a allergic reaction to the medicine. He could not be for sure, since many things could cause this. He gave a prescription for Zyrtec for the scratching, and said that if it wasn't better by Friday to call her doctor (who once again is useless). So Thursday she was doing alright and seemed to be doing better. Friday I woke up to go into work and went into the room to get Lynn ready, and to my surprise her whole stomach, legs, face, and back were once again COVERED in hives. So to the ER we went. We got there around 6 and left around 1. They did the whole blood thing, iv meds, urine, x-ray (she had been whezzing), and all the other routine tests. After all that they said that she has asama (but her doc said today it's a little to early to tell), slight case of phenmiona, a reaction to something, and now we learned that she also has a fungal invection down on her girlie area. So lets just say that the last week hasn't been a lot of fun :(

On other news, my car is in the shop and has been for almost 3 weeks now. That's a pretty long boring story so we go get into that to much. Let's just say I had Jon's dad go to the shop and straighten things out and my car will be fixed by Tues. or Wed.

Work has been hell like always. It seems like I am always working. And when I'm not working, I am playing with baby, cleaning the house, or doing something. It seems like I don't ever get some down time :(

But ugh besides that things are just about the same. Everyone is doing alright. For having a baby with so many medical issues, she still manages to bounce off the walls, and act like a crazy. She gets cranky from time to time, but most of the time she is just her happy little self. Watching Elmo and Blues Clues (her new favorite).

Well that's all for now, just wanted to update real quick.

Love you guys!!