Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photo Album Link

This is the link to my online photo album...right now I only have the wedding photos and a few recent photos. Some of the pictures are just of Jon's family (they were on Mary's camera and I didn't feel like going through all the pictures). And some of them aren't recent because she rarely deletes her pictures and again I didn't feel like unselecting a ton of pictures. Love you guys. Hopefully by Thursday or so I will have up all the pictures.

I am currently working (as in just started about 5 minutes ago) on uploading all the wedding pictures and recent pictures taken into a new photo album. Photobucket only allows me to upload 20 pictures at a time, and this new site allows me to upload whole albums at a time. But it is taking forever. I am going to put all the pictures of Lynn and everything onto this new site, but it may take me a few days, my computer runs slow. First I am going to upload all wedding photos, then all the recent pictures. I will upload all other ones that are already on photobucket when I get a chance. When I get them all uploaded I will give you all a link to the site. But until then here are some pictures. If anyone wants copies of all the pictures I have of the wedding let me know, and I will put them all onto a disc for whomever and send it to you.

Lynn went to the ears, nose, and throat doctor yesterday. He said that her snorting and congestion is because of secrection (don't know how to spell that but I know it's like snot running in the back of her nose to her throat). She has a lot of it, and he recommended saline drops 3-4 times a day.

That's about it for now. Lots of pictures ahead... (click on them to view them full size)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As you can see by the pictures

Saturday was a long long day lol. I had so much fun!!! Thanks to everyone who came. Thank you Sally for the beautiful flowers and gift card. I am not going to post a lot cuz I have a lot to do but just wanted to say thank you to everyone!!! Love you guys. Here is a link to a slideshow of some pictures from the wedding..


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Miss Lynn went swimming again today. We took her for the first time two Thursday's ago, but I didn't get pictures on my phone. I uploaded a video onto youtube so check that out.
If anyone wants to go to the nail salon with us the Friday before the wedding please let me know so i can make appointments for everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hello! Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Here is updates.

Saturday we had our Bridal shower (actually a jack and jill party for both girls and guys.) It was a ton of fun. It was mostly our friends, and some of his parents friends. We had it at a local bar and grill. The baby did great, she was passed around a lot and had lots of smiles for everyone.

We just relaxed on Sunday. We went to the mall for a few things, and then went to Jon's softball game. Lynn stayed home for that since she was out at day at the mall. We put her to bed in her crib for the first time on Sunday night. And she slept from 10:30 p.m. till 7:30 a.m without waking up once. It was nice! Although Jon and I both woke up a few times to check on her. We have a video monitor which comes in very handy since we can watch and hear her at all times. When we put her to bed she was directly in the middle of the bed. And everytime we checked on her she was in the same place. I woke up at 7 and checked the monitor and she was gone. I thought that his parents must of got her to see her before they went to work. I turned off the monitor and laid there for a few minutes. Then I realized I should go downstairs cuz it was almost time for them to go to work. I checked in her room and she was still sound asleep in her crib in the bottom corner. I woke up Jon to come and look, and he said his parents must of moved her. I started thinking why would they put her in the corner that's kind of mean. So I went downstairs to have a cigarette and I saw Jon's father. I asked him if he moved her and he said that when he woke up that's the way she was. So we now have towels around the bed so she doesn't hurt herself. She didn't sleep all night last night. She woke up at 4:30 to eat. She hadn't ate a lot before she went to bed, and she went to bed a little early. But she went right back to sleep and slept till 7:30. I will try to get a picture of her in her crib soon. I have been lazy.

That's about all for now. We are getting very excited about the wedding. Everything is done for the most part. I still have to call and make an appointment for our nails to be done on Friday. And I still have to get my tan even, but besides that everything is falling into place.

We are looking forward to our party this weekend. Jon's parents are taking the baby camping...I'm not sure if I told you guys that or not. I will make sure they bring a camera and take pictures for you guys. Friday night we are doing a bar crawl and going to 12 different bars. And then Saturday we are going to have an 80's party up at the house with all of our friend. Then Sunday we are just relaxing. Monday Jon and I are going to see Incubus (It's a band for those who don't know). I think that's the most exciting thing for me.

Love you guys!

P.S- Inivites are finally out expect it soon :) :) :)

Friday, August 3, 2007


Sorry it took so long to post. This past weekend was a very busy weekend. Jon was gone to NYC for a concert so I had Miss Lynn all the time.

Lynn went to the dentist yesterday. He said that her two teeth are her permanant baby teeth, so he does not recommend pullling them out. He set up an appointment in October, and he said that he can put a crown on the tooth that is decaying. But he said until then we can use baby toothpaste which has no fluoride in it that way if she swallows it, it won't harm her.

Besides that things are good. We have our Jack and Jill Bridal shower tomorrow. That should be a lot of fun. And then next weekend we are going to have our bacholerette and bacholer parties. We are doing them together instead of separtely.

I apologize for not getting out invitations yet. They should be going out hopefully on Monday. But so everyone knows the wedding is at 2 o'clcock at our house...and the reception is right after. Everything is going on at our house. We have a pool so bring swimming attire.

Well Lynn is sleeping so I am going to go to bed. Love you all!