Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bath Time

Daddy gets ready.

Then washes my feet.

I feel so good, I could sleep.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Dr.'s App.

The three of us!

Last night while trying to feed Lynn, Tango jumped up on my lap and was sniffing around her and found her toes and started to lick them.

This is a picture of Jon giving her, her first bath.

Then this is her just relaxing with grandma.

We went to the doctor's today and everything is good. She gained 2 ounces. The doctor said that normally babies loose weight, but since Lynn has gained weight she doesn't need to come back for a month. When she sleeps it sounds like she has a snuffy nose, so we tried multiple times to clean her nose with the bulb, but nothing. We asked the doctor about it today and she said that she probably doesn't have anything up there, she is just nasaly and that is normal. But besides that everything is going good with her health.

She slept for a few hours last night. Jon has got the swaddling down. Although I have yet to even accomplish getting her swaddled with her arms out, he had her nice and swaddled arms and all last night. She slept from about 11:30-2:30 and then she was wide awake till about 6. She wanted no part of sleeping at all. She just wanted to look around and observe. And then when she did fall asleep she wanted no part of going into the bassinet. She would sleep on me for a half an hour and as soon as I put her into the bassinet she would wake up and cry. So I let Jon sleep (he had an interview at 10 for a day job position at the casino) and I let Lynn sleep on my chest till he got home from his interview. I then got to sleep for about and hour before we had to head of to the doctor. While she was up in the middle of the night, I had changed her and she was stinky of course. After I cleaned her all up and was putting the A&D ointment on her she decided that she had to pee again and proceeded to do so all over my hand and her clothes. I just let her go since there was no point now in trying to cover her up. Jon has class tonight, but luckily Jon's mom said she would watch Lynn for me so I can take a nap since I haven't slept all that much.

That's about all for now. I love you all, and will have some more pictures for you tomorrow hopefully. Without my sister here it's kind of hard, since she is so so great at taking pictures. But I will manage to get some.

Lots of love!!

Melody, Lynn, and Jon

Monday, May 28, 2007

All Swaddled Up

This is grandma's first attempt at youtube so hopefully this works. The video is daddy trying to swaddle me, ha! Even when they called in reinforcements last night and had both grandmas helping them I was still able to get my arms out. Maybe one of these days they'll learn that I like my hands on my face.

I saw the camera a lot today, but I haven't seen anyone loading the pictures on the computer. don't worry though grandma will be back in July.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day Three

Mommy finally let Aunt Megan take her picture today. Don't we look cute together? I spent most of the day sleeping, since I was busy keeping them hopping all night. Mommy and Daddy are really hoping I'll sleep tonight, I'll see what I can do.

Grandma is leaving in the morning and taking a lot of people with her. I'm not sure how many pictures there will be with Aunt Megan gone. So here's the ones from today:

Home At Last

I got to come home yesterday. So far it's great, I have these people jumping all around.

Every time I wimper everyone jumps up to please me. I could get real used to this. Last night all my grandparents went to bed. It was fun keeping Mommy and Daddy guessing at what was wrong. I'll probably do this for a couple of more days. There are pictures of my first day at home on Grandma's yahoo photos. Aunt Megan took the pictures yesterday, she took a total of 358, if those dogs that live here ever get there own blog they're all set.

Here's the link to the pictures:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bow Head

p.s. can someone please take this stupid bow off my head.





Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to My World

My name is Lynn Marie and I was born at 10:10am this morning (5/25/07). I was 7 lbs 10 oz. when I was born and I was 21.2" long. I am absolutely beautiful if you believe my doting grandmother. She loves me very much already even though I am pretty much a blob. I think I am going to like her too. When does the rest of the family get here?