Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is Lynn at the park. Normally we spend most of our day at the park in the sandbox or playing on the slide. Yesterday was different, there was a dog there and Lynn followed it wherever it went. I can't wait till we can get a place where we can get a puppy, because she just loves them. She plays with Tango and Cha-Cha a lot when we are up at the Mizgala's. She likes to pretend to be a dog sometimes to, she likes to bark and pant just like the dogs lol.

Things are going good here. Just work work work and more work. Getting it all in before we leave. Only a few more days and we will be off. I am getting excited more and more as each day passes.

Well love you all!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today Lynn had a doctors appointment with a respiratory specialist. He said that it is still to early to diagnose Asthma but she is showing the signs and symptoms of it. He gave a prescription for singular. She has to take that once a day. Then when she is getting a cold or has a persistent cough to put her back on the nebulizer. He also gave a prescription for something for that.
Things have been kind of hectic around here. Jonathan and I have both been working a lot these days. Both trying to get in as many hours as possible before our trip. Lynn has been quiet a brat these days. Pretty much doing everything we tell her not to. She is starting to climb out of her crib and onto the changing table. We are going to convert it into a toddler bed, as soon as we get a gate to put up. We bought one but of course it didn’t fit.
Jonathan got a job at St. Elizabeth’s where he went to school. It’s a full time job working 12 hour shifts which is great. I am not sure if he plans on starting before or after the trip. He is still practicing everyday for his boards.
I am doing well also. I went to the doctors a few days ago, I have been getting pretty terrible headaches. He said that they sound like migraines. He gave me a prescription for some pain meds that worked last year when I was getting them bad. Also told me that if the headaches don’t go away to go back, and they will take another head ct. (I got one last year when it first started happening, nothing was wrong though.)
Lynn has strayed away from Elmo quiet a bit these days. She is more into Blue’s Clues (but pretty much only the new ones where Blue actually talks.)
Well that’s it for now, just wanted to give a quick update while I have more then 10 minutes to use the computer without Lynn getting mad :)