Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Pictures

I can't believe I figured out how to do this. Enjoy.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Just A Few Pictures

Lynn put on her cute face for most of my visit this weekend.

I am loading more pictures on flicker and will have them either here or on my site later this week.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well not to much to post this time. Lynn had a dentist appointment last week and the dentist said that her teeth look good. One of the bottom ones that she had when she was born with probably diminish or fall out since it didn't get the nutrients that it needed when she was cooking. She also had to go to urgent care, she had an ear infection and a little cold. She is also on multi vitamins due to low iron. The doctor said it's nothing to worry about though. We also wound up taking her i think 2 weeks ago. I had posted before that the doctor thought that Lynn had ring worm, and then we took her back after it didn't go away and the doctor thought that maybe it was ezama. Well I took her to daycare and the lady called me and asked me if I would take Lynn to daycare, because she was getting another patch of dry skin that looked like ring worm and she wanted to make sure it wasn't. Well I wound up taking her to urgent care and the doctor diagnosed her with Pityriasis Rosea http://www.aad.org/public/publications/pamphlets/common_pityriasis.html. It's not something that can be treated and it's not contagious, it's just a skin condition that people get and it should go away on it's own. Luckily it doesn't bother her at all so that's good.

I am enjoying work for the most part. I have been getting terrible migrains the last couple weeks. They are so bad that I get sick to my stomach, my left eye gets all blurry and heavy, and my ear hurts, and most of the time I wind up lying down and crying cuz it hurts so bad. I try to take asprin and tylenol but nothing seemed to work at all. I wound up going to the doctor's this week and the doctor took some blood then sent me to the hospital to get a ct scan of my head. So at this point I am waiting to get my blood taken and I'm crying...I hate needles and having a ct scan just seems scary. So I do the whole blood thing and tough it out then head over to the hospital. The lady comes out and tells me that she would like to give me an iv with some medicine to help my veins show up better on the screen. Ugh another needle...I do it anyways because hey if it's gonna help fix the problem I am all for it. So I go in and it's not so bad. I lay down on the thing as it's taking pictures of my brain, then she comes in and gives me the medicine. As she is putting it in she tells me that in about 20-30 seconds it will kick in and I will feel a hot warm sensation and it will feel like I am peeing my pants, and chewing on a penny. SO yea they was weird. I was almost positive I had wet my pants. Eh in the end everything came back normal there is nothing wrong with me, at least nothing a ct scan and blood work can tell me. The doctor said that he wouldn't give me migrain medicine because it's really strong and has scary side effects and some people freak out on them, but he did prescribe me some extra strength medicine that works very well. I am supposed to talk to my doctor when I go to see her in August...I went to urgent care for all this, because I coudn't get an app. with my doc till August and that's a little to long to wait for me.

Anyways...I guess that was a lot to post lol. I suppose I should do this more often ;) Well that's about all she wrote. 3 new videos on youtube.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Just wanted to post some pictures for everyone. The ones of her in the orange shorts are of her in her new playhouse that Mary and John made for her. They set up a tent outside and put some rugs, a little bed, and a bunch of her toys in there for her to play in when we are outside. Then there are some of her while we were out in Michigan this past weekend. Notice the one of her with my dad she is wearing a detroit tigers cheerleading outfit. Then the other ones are of her in the car on the ride to Michigan. It was SO hot and she was pretty crabby most of the ride but when we got into Canada it cooled off a lot and she was having a ball.

Our trip went well. We got to spend time with everyone which was nice. We had a great time at the party, and then had a BBQ on Sunday which was really nice. Then on our way home we stopped in Canada to see our friend Tano, who recently moved there to live with his new wife.

Work is going good. It's a pretty nice job for the most part. It's mostly setting up the dining room for the residents and then serving them drinks and soup and such. Then dishes of course. It's great to get to interact with some of the residents, they are very very funny and sweet.

Well that's about all I am all pooped out after work. Love to all. And Aunt Kathy I am going to request time off for the week you will be in Michigan so we can come out and see you and Aunt Erika and of course the wonderful Jackson!!

New videos on youtube!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So there is a bit to blog about this time.

I finally got a job. I am working at Stonehedge. It's a nursing home where Jon used to work, but we couldn't work together so he quit since he was only working 4 hours a week, and I will be able to work more. I am working in the kitchen and help out serving drinks and stuff like that. Not exactly my dream job but it will do for now. It's really not a bad job. I enjoy it for the most part. I think mostly because it gets me out of the house and making some money. I have only worked 3 days so far.

We are taking a trip out to Michigan this weekend. I am very excited, I love going home :) We will be out there for a few days. We will be going to an anniversary party on Saturday and then just hanging out the rest of the time. Hopefully when I get I will pick up some more hours.

Jon is almost done with school for the summer. Tomorrow is his last day and he doesn't go back until the end of August. So it will be nice having him home. Hopefully he will be able to pick up more shifts at his job at Bethany Gardens.

Lynn is doing great. She loves going to daycare. There has only been one time where I had a problem leaving and she got very upset. But mostly she is to busy running around with the kids that she doesn't even notice that I have left. She has grown so much in the last couple weeks. She is finally thinning out now that she runs around. We have been going outside a lot lately since it's been pretty nice out. We did have some crazy winds and lots of thunder and lightening yesterday. After hearing about there being a tornado in West Branch the other day, I was very scared being home alone and all. It was constant thunder and winds for about an hour and a half in the afternoon then it rained for like maybe 5 minutes and then everything just stopped, and it was beautiful out. Then again about 7:00ish it started up again but we got a lot more rain then.

Well that's about all for now. I have to go finish the laundry. Love you guys!!